Think blue

"If many little people do many little things in many small places, the face of our earth will change." (African proverb)

Everyone recognizes the signs of the times and the blue planet is important to us, we want to do everything what is possible to protect the earth as well as we could.

Best equipment

Our vehicle fleet is always state-of-the-art so that our ecological footprint is as small as possible. We don't have any fuel-guzzling vehicles, rather the most efficient vehicles on the market. We also use alternative technologies and we work closely with manufacturers to advance this area.

Route optimization

Our vehicles are equipped with a navigation system that calculates the fastest and most ecological route at the same time. Automatically it avoid areas with traffic jams and waiting times to use as little fuel as possible. Furthermore, our dispatchers are trained and receive systemic support so that unnecessary empty kilomerters are avoided.

Cleaning optimization

We are a member of the ENFIT association and therefore actively involved in improving the standardization of cleaning processes. For an average tank truck cleaning, it use around 5000 liters of fresh or even drinking water. These can often be reduced or even saved entirely if the cleaning process is special for the product or if you drive spezial product groups loading optimized.

Standing still means going backwards. Which is why we not only train all our employees on a regular basis, also we are a registered training company since 2018.

No duty is more urgent than giving thanks.
(Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC - 43 BC)

For this reason we actively support voluntary work in our region and development aid in disadvantaged areas of the earth.